Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Moms don't get sick leave

For the first time since Felix was born, D got sick.  We've both had colds but nothing that took us truly out of commission.  She missed work (which never happens) and the only time I saw her leave the couch was to move to the bed.  I have never before experience such fear of getting sick myself.  Since I work with kids I have a pretty tough immune system, but the thought of contracting her stomach bug was terrifying.  Felix doesn't understand "mommy's sick" and I can only imagine the havoc it would wreak on my milk supply.  I have wiped down every imaginable surface with Chlorox wipes and Lysoled every door knob and faucet. 
Cheese toast, kidney beans and strawberries
D and I have always made a fantastic team and the day-to-day with Felix seem to be no exception.  Nothing made that more obvious than having her quarantined to the couch watching bad TV while I did everything. For the last 2 days I have had a 100 21lb side kick attached to my hip. We ate dinner alone, I did bath and put the Felix to bed before washing his diapers and packing his lunch for the next day.  
At least the dog was well fed
This morning Felix had to got to play on the bathroom floor while I showered and got dressed.  It's truly amazing how much noise that chatter phone makes when drug back and forth across the tile floor.  As much as we've encouraged his mobility lately I was incredibly grateful that his only modes of transportation include rolling slowly across the room and scootching even more slowly on his belly.  He can get up and walk when D is feeling better!  
Note the teary eyes - I was taking a picture instead of pickinghimuprightnow
We gave up on breakfast and left the house early so we could stop at my favorite coffee shop for where we shared a bagel.  Rumor has it D is feeling much better so maybe I'll have a little help sanitizing the entire house.

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