Friday, September 14, 2012

Itchy Fingers?

No, it's not a medical condition.  My dad loved to travel.  My mom always described him as getting itchy feet when he was ready to get moving.  My mother did not like travel, they compromised by traveling all over the country in an Airstream.  He got to see new places, she got to take her home with her (like a snail). I am like my mother.  I do not get itchy feet.  

I get itchy fingers.  I have recently been overwhelmed by the urge to craft and create.  I'm finally getting enough sleep that I don't collapse into a TV induced coma after getting Felix to bed.  I spent months without any desire to create (I guess creating a human satisfied my crafting needs for a while), but now my fingers absolutely itch with the need to make stuff.  

Sadly, I only have about 1 free hour each day and that's really time I should be cleaning up the kitchen or making lunches for the next day.  To avoid cluttering the house (and my brain) with a bunch of half finished projects I am instituting a new craft rule:  I must totally complete a project - or deem it a failure - before acquiring the materials for and starting a new project.  I tend to get excited and ahead of myself so this is hard for me.  But necessary considering how little time I have.  

My current project is our downstairs half bath.  It's a tiny, sad, undecorated room.  But never fear, I have big plans! 

  1. Create canvas art a la: Southern Belle *Done. Didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted, but it will work.
  2. Fun new trashcan. 
  3. Chevron the walls (yes, I just turned chevron into a verb) using this method: Offbeat Home
  4. Paint and install already owned Ikea mirror glossy white to match the white cabinet above the toilet and to provide a little shelf storage.
  5. Change light fixture.
  6. Switch hardware to something a little less builder grade.  Probably Ikea.
  7. Add a natural fiber rug for warmth (still on the fence about this one)
Worst Mood Board Ever.  Made in Paint.

Since I know all the non-existent readers of this young blog will wait with bated breath to see how my bathroom turns out, I will post projects as I complete them.  Starting with the art and probably a few embarrassing before pictures of the bathroom in question.

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  1. I totally get itchy finger. (Sometimes literally, when my eczema flairs up, but mostly in the crafty sense.) I have very little time for such things at the moment, what with the working and the toddler-wrangling and all, but I feel the itch. I have several knitting projects either in progress or in the queue, and hopefully I can manage to actually do something soon.

    I do get itchy feet, too, though. Sometimes I demand that we head to the coast for the weekend, at least, as I just need a change of scenery.