Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I am an incredibly lucky mom.  

Daycare is a reality for lots of families.  It's not necessarily a bad reality.  I've worked with small children for 15+ years and I'm a huge advocate of high quality care.  But it is time apart for families. These families drop their kiddos off at 8:30am and pick them up at 5:30pm just to take them home and put them to bed.  Felix is no different, however I get to come with him.  I am the director of the program he attends.  Being able to see him every day is worth the low pay and every single dirty diaper I've changed over my last 15 years.
Felix's first week of school, 2 months old
At 8.5 months old, our day at school typically looks like this:
8:30am - arrive at school.  Unpack diapers, put away lunch, fill out daily sheet.  Then I sit on the floor with him and play for a few minutes before heading off to work.  
10:30am - Felix nurses and goes down for a nap.
noon-ish - Felix gets up and eats his lunch.  I usually come visit for a little while on my lunch break.
2:30pm - Felix nurses and goes down for his second nap.
5:30pm - I collect Felix's diapers, lunch container and daily sheet and we head home. 

Of course, as he gets older and goodbyes get more stressful I'll get to spend less time with him, but I'll still get to spy! And since he started at 2 months old, we've had over 6 months of this wonderful arrangement.  He is also able to nurse and I never have to pump (yay!).  I don't take this arrangement for granted for a second.  I know that I am an incredibly lucky mom. 

Felix today practicing pulling up, 8.5 months old

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